Basic Survival Weekend – Shelter

Basic Survival Weekend – Shelter
Highly experiential Basic Survival Course building and sleeping in a primitive shelter.

Basic Survival Weekend – Shelter

This is the first part of a series of 4 Basic Survival Weekends each focussing on a different basic survival skill.

This weekend will focus on building survival shelters.


Join me in this adventure going out into the woods without tent or sleeping bag. We will build our shelters to sleep in and spend 2 nights in this basic shelters.


This is a highly experiential course for everyone wanting to learn some fundamental skill, leaving behind the comfort zone and having a great outdoor adventure!


You will learn:

Why a shelter is so important.

Basic orientation and tracking skills.

About possible dangers spending your nights outside.

How to find a suitable place to build a shelter.

How to build a basic survival shelter.

How to find and use natural construction materials.

How to stay warm.

And much more 🙂

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Note: This is just for a small group of people!



Upon request.

If you are interested contact me!


T: +43 676 97 66202