Hide Tanning Course

Hide Tanning Course
In this hands-on course, you will learn the process of turning animal skin into leather.

Turning the skin of an animal into leather or fur to use for clothing or as a blanket is to me one of the most amazing processes. Touching the skin, feeling the hair and then through the labor of my hands and some basic tools watching the skin change into soft and warm fabric with this distinct and to me wonderful smell of naturally tanned leather.

In this workshop you will learn:

The 3 basic steps of the tanning process:

  1. Preparing the hide or fur for tanning
  2. The actual tanning process
  3. The finishing process to make the leather durable

In the actual tanning process we focus on “Brain tanning” using animal brain to facilitate the tanning.

After the workshop every participant will take home some self tanned leather ready to be used!

This ancient way of processing animal skin does not use any synthetic chemicals or metal salts as are used in tanning industry.


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