Primitive Pottery and Fire-making Course

Primitive Pottery and Fire-making Course
Learn how to make primitive pots, fire without matches and how to burn pottery in a campfire.

for adults and children older than 8 years in company of parents, grandparents, godparents,…


On a journey through nature we find for pottery suitable soil and clay.

With the help of water the soil gets malleable. Our hands let our creativity become visible and tactile. We will learn to make small vessels and other works of art.

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As the air dries our works, we prepare to make fire with the bowdrill -without matches or paper. Together we start to crank. First smoke rises, then a small ember is lit and at the end a little flame rises that ignites our fire.

We gather with our vessels around the fire and let the fire and coal turn them into pottery. With curiosity, we wait for the moment in which we will keep our burnt and hopefully crack free clay pot in our hands.




Upon request.

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