Autumn Plant Walk

Autumn Plant Walk
Browsing through the landscape, getting to know edible plants and learning about other gifts plants can provide.

We will start walking from our meeting point and explore the world of our green friends together:

How do different plants look, feel, smell, taste?

Where do they grow?

How can we find out which plants are edible?

Do they need any preparation before we can eat them?

What do the plants tell us about the environment and what does the environment tell us about the plants?

These are a few of the questions we will be exploring. And here is some more 🙂


You will learn, how to:

distinguish some poisonous and possibly dangerous plants

discern some edible plants

use plants for other things in primitive ways

find and gather wild growing plants and what to pay attention to

to learn efficiently more about plants

The course will be held in English language.



Upon request.

If you are interested in a plant walk contact me!


To bring:

Weather appropriate clothing which can get dirty. A backpack with a full bottle of water, a snack for lunch, poss. a knife, some small bags.


In case you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask Johannes:

T: +43 676 97 66202