Registration and general business terms

Effective from: 12.02.2016

The following terms are valid for all business relationships of Johannes Gritsch (“JG”) regarding events, courses, camps or trainings (together hereinafter also referred to as: ”courses”) announced on different website(s), Facebook page(s) or in any other written form.

Enrollment, booking confirmation and payment terms:

Please fill in the application form carefully and send it signed via post, e-mail or submit online to JG. With the consignment of the application form the enrollment gets binding on the applicant/participant and the payment of 50% of the course fee is payable within 14 days from the date of the submission of the form. After the submission of a valid enrollment a confirmation of reservation will be sent to the applicant/participant, which makes the contract binding on both the applicant/participant and JG as well (subject to cancellation because of poor attendance).

All information regarding the course (location, address, equipment list etc.) will be sent via e-mail or post to the applicant/participant. The remaining 50% course fee is payable by the applicant/participant no later than the start date of the course. It is possible to pay the total amount of the course fee (100%) in one transaction at the time of the course enrollment.

The respective amount is transferable to the following bank account with the name of the applicant/participant and the name of the course indicated:

Account Details
Name of account:
Johannes Gritsch,
Address: Pirchetweg 10, 6424 Silz, Austria
Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Silz-Haiming
IBAN: AT603631600000435651

For the avoidance of doubt, in reference to the payment of 50% of the course fee paid immediately after the enrollment shall secure a place in the course for the applicant/participant. Enrollment without payment of the course fee set out above shall mean that there might be no open place available for the applicant/participant. We ask for your understanding that in this case places will be allocated upon availability. If the amount of enrollments falls short of the announced minimal attendance, JG is entitled to cancel the course at least 14 days prior to the start of the course (notification of cancellation shall be sent to the applicant/participant via e-mail or post).

In case of the absence of JG as course facilitator (e.g. due to illness) the course can be cancelled by JG last-minute provided that no proper substitution can be found. In this case the paid course fees will be reimbursed to the applicant/participant’s bank account within 14 days. Further claims cannot be made by the applicant/participant.

Cancellation conditions:

In case of withdrawal of the course by the applicant/participant the following cancellation fees shall apply:

– until 2 weeks before the start date of the course: 50% of the course fee is payable by the applicant/participant to JG

– after 2 weeks before the start date of the course or in default of appearance: 100% of the course fee is payable by the applicant/participant to JG (however 50% of the course fee shall be used for another course of the applicant/participant’s choice)

In case of cancellation we do accept another person substituting.


The scope of services is dependent on the booked course and only the specifications of services announced by JG are binding on both parties (applicant/participant and JG). The courses are usually held in all weather conditions. Unclaimed services on the side of the applicant/participant (including those due to illness) cannot be held nor can be reimbursed by JG. The course fee includes material and food costs in case of all-day and multi-day courses. The traveling to and from the course venue are principally self-organised and shall be paid by the applicant/participant. The course fee does not include any insurance for the applicants/participants.


The applicant/participant confirms with the enrollment that he/she is physically and mentally capable to participate in the particular course. The applicant/participant shall notify JG of any diseases, allergies, disabilities or use of medication etc. until the start date of the course. During all courses the course leaders/helpers shall comply with the particular precautions to prevent injuries and accidents etc. The applicant/participant commits himself explicitly to follow the safety instructions of the leader/helpers. The participation in the courses ensues at one´s own risk. The liability of JG for damages and injuries of all kinds suffered by the participant during the course on the course site, in his/her assets or on his/her body, or those which for example occur during the traveling to and from the course site are explicitly excluded. JG’s liability is also excluded in case of damages suffered by loss, consequential damages, third party damages or damages caused by force majeure events. It is recommended to obtain private insurance by the applicant/participant. During the whole duration of the course drinking alcohol or taking drugs is strictly prohibited. Every violation by the participant will inflict on the exclusion from the course. The course fee is not refundable. JG reserves the right to exclude participants from the course concerning disciplinary, health or other serious reasons. In case a applicant/participant will be excluded before the end date (e.g. because of homesickness, the violation of the alcohol and drug prohibition, the defiance of safety instructions, the ordinance of authorities) no reimbursement of expenses takes place.

Additional for children and youth courses:

Before the course start date – at the latest – the parent/guardian shall inform the course leader on site of:

– a telephone number where the parent/guardian is available at all times;

– the person picking up the participant or if the departure takes place independently;

– an e-card (otherwise incurred costs for a doctor or pharmacy etc. are to be assumed by the parent or guardian)

After the course, participants shall be picked up punctually at the predetermined place. The duty of supervision ends in any case with the handing over of the participant to the person being entitled to pick up the participant. No duty of supervision exists if the participant is not being picked up and JG unsuccessfully made arrangements to contact the parent/guardian (is a telephone number not announced at the beginning of the course this obligation is omitted). In case of an exclusion from the course or discontinuation the participants have to be picked up immediately. The costs of the above are to be paid by the participant, there will be no reimbursement.

Data protection:

The participant receives all relevant information of the course via e-mail. The participant agrees explicitly with the electronic capture and storage of his/her data.

Photo shoots:

Participant agrees that JG shall use photos and videos taken during the courses free of charge for self-promotion and JG shall upload these pictures on his website(s) and Facebook page(s) or shall use them in printed flyers. We ask for notice if this is not wanted by the participant or his/her parent/guardian.

Integrated websites:

Participants acknowledge that JG shall only be responsible for the content of his own website(s) and Facebook page(s) and JG has no influence on the content of websites controlled by third parties, therefore JG is exempt from such liabilities.

Salvatorius clause:

Should any clause of this agreement be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. The parties undertake to replace the invalid clause with a valid clause coming closest to the original, but invalid clause.

Governing law and competent courts:

Austrian law is to be applied, place of jurisdiction is Innsbruck.


Johannes Gritsch
Bornemissza tér
1119 Budapest
T:+43 676 9766202
+36 306 971382