Johannes Gritsch, MSc


Nature Educationalist and Wilderness Trainer

Growing up on a small farm in Tirol/Austria already as a child I loved to be outdoors. On the tractor, with the sheep or on the field with my grandfather, in the garden with my grandmother, with the bees or fishing with my father, hiking in the mountains with my mother or playing with my siblings.

That´s how early on I already discovered my living surroundings while following my curiosity. I felt the mud, the heartbeat of a lamb or the sting of the bees.

It was only after spending less time outdoors while attending school, university and working in an office that I felt more and more that I was missing something important to me. Hence I started a course to become a nature and wilderness trainer in addition to spending my free time in the mountains.

In contact with the knowledge of our ancestors I felt the growing urge to breathe fresh air and to feel the sun on my skin. So I decided to quit my job and I dared to take the step to spend one year in the north american wilderness. There I found answers to the following questions I was asking myself: „Am I able to live like my ancestors did? In the environment which formed us human beings to what we are today. What does this to me if I immerse myself in such a lifestyle? How does this effect my health and well-being? What is the human nature?“

Back from this very intensive and beautiful year I started to collaborate with different wilderness schools and soon after I became self-employed as a nature and wilderness educationalist.

Next to my love for nature I always was very interested in human development, inner processes and human relationship. About that I learned more during my formation at university in the fields of education, counselling and psychotherapy.

Furthermore I began next to the nature and wilderness events I was facilitating to accompany groups in their processes. First in outdoor education programs for strengthening community in school classes and later in outdoor team building events for companies.

Curiously learning in accompanying groups questions arouse whose response led me to make further studies in storytelling, theatre pedagogy, music, dance and old healing traditions.

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